Over the last few years, the Diamond Dispersions range has recorded outstanding growth and success. As such, we have outgrown our current manufacturing site in Darnall, Sheffield and have been in the process of finding a much larger site. This is needed to allow the business increase production capacity in line with global growth in the industrial inkjet market and accommodate further expansion in the future.

Our $3.5 million investment – Project Gemstone – was launched back in October 2018 with the aim of achieving this objective. Our operations team set about visiting a variety of locations in and around the Sheffield City Region to see what was available.

After conducting an extensive search, the team finally decided on relocating Diamond Dispersions to the Lubrizol plant in Carlton, Barnsley.

The focus was firmly on how to get the best out of the site and maximise its current assets. Following meticulous planning and discussions with various professional parties, the decision was made to house the new Diamond Dispersions manufacturing facility – The Milling Hall – within the existing warehouse on the site. A new warehouse was then built on new land north of the site, effectively doubling warehouse capacity.

Other additions and changes such as a new QC laboratory, pre-milling & pre-mixing area, improved welfare facilities, a canteen and offices as well as the construction of a second Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) were also agreed as key parts of the project.

Work commenced to transform the site in August 2019, and we have put together a special timeline to inform and celebrate this latest commercial and operational milestone for Diamond Dispersions.

Progress timeline

  • The New Milling Hall is now complete

  • Production is now well underway in the new Diamond Dispersions™ manufacturing facility

  • New pre-milling and pre-mixing area located in transformed Building D is ready to run
  • The Milling Hall is expected to be completed
  • New transformer installed
  • New ETP completed and ready for use
  • Relocation of stock is completed
  • The construction of a segregating wall begins in the old warehouse to split the building and facilitate the creation of the new ‘Milling Hall’
  • New chiller system and new deionised water system installed in Milling Hall
  • Not enough power to run mills so discussion with Northern Network and consequent installation of a new cable and transformer running from existing site to the Milling Hall to enable further expansion.
  • New QC Laboratory is finished
  • New warehouse is completed and fully functioning
  • The site team relocate stock from the existing warehouse to the new warehouse
  • New cable feed for additional power requirements
  • New mills arrive
  • Work starts to create a new QC Laboratory
  • New canteen and offices are completed
  • Work to construct the new warehouse starts.
  • Upgrading of welfare facilities. This work will result in a new canteen, additional showers & locker room space and dedicated conferencing space for all of the team to use.
  • The installation of new plant in Building D, the new pre-milling and pre-mixing area, commences.
  • First planning approval comes through.
  • Work to create a new canteen and offices for Diamond Dispersions begins.
  • Planning for the new warehouse commissioning begins
  • Meeting with consultant to discuss commission and build of a new effluent treatment plant (ETP). In order to treat the trade effluent from the Diamond Dispersions manufacturing process, a second effluent treatment plant (ETP) is required to work alongside the existing ETP on site.
  • Diamond performs other functions prior to putting products into the milling system so space is needed to facilitate this. An existing building on the site – Building D – is selected with the view to creating a dedicated pre-milling and pre-mixing area. The team set to work removing redundant process equipment from Building D in order to create this new space.